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Our Aesthetic

Monique Keegan’s design company, ENJOY Co, embodies a fresh new reflection of balance for the modern lifestyle. Blending vintage, industrial, natural and contemporary design in a simple yet rich, casual yet sophisticated tone.  She has the ability to create a perfect setting that is neither fussy, nor expected.

As a seasoned collector, designer, and editor whose homes have appeared in various books, magazines, and blogs – Monique calls upon her years of styling for fashion and home to create her vision for any new project.  Her keen sensibility and love of design help clients tell their own story, as well as, develop a few new chapters along the way. Great homes are collected over time, and the ENJOY Co philosophy is to create a simple palette of textures and forms, spaces and colors that begin to reflect the homeowner’s persona.  Monique’s search for the perfect new unique item is ongoing… whether it’s new or vintage, that one thing you just can’t live without!

Always functional, easy, effortless in appearance, but rich in style and context, ENJOY Co strives to create the most timeless, yet modern spaces that let you live your life, yet say so much about who you are inside and out.