ho ho enjoy co!

the holiday season is in full swing with the arrival of more snow today!
new merchandise has been arriving hourly…. seriously!  We have been perpetually unpacking and making new magic in the studio!

We have an amazing nature inspired holiday theme!
Here’s a glimpse of the fresh new floorset!

 candles from tatine
my fave’s:
woodsmoke, creeping moss, and rosemary mint…. Divine
our preserved boxwood wreaths are finally here! 
16″ and 24″  beautiful and last from year to year
plus a fresh delivery of topiaries: 
rosemary, euonymous
  jewellry is a must for that special somone… or you?
we have amazing collections in greens, turqs, and of course our enjoy co greys!

mercury, silver, stainless, aluminum, glass

bring the woodland in… 
irish moss is the perfect place setting
we are fully stocked in bulbs for forcing
Ziva Paperwhites, white denver amaryllis, and deep berry red benfica amaryllis
plant them in boxes, tins, urns, glass vases
I’m madly in love with any thing from nature
acorns, birds, trees, feathers
even better if made from natural materials!
Love the gift of glow…. 
gorgeous antique green voitives
love all spheres!
here stainless steel in the industrial factory basket
to the new year!


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